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Red Blood Cell
Red Blood Cell also called erythrocytes, carry, oxygen, to blood tissue and remove carbon di-oxide.

White Blood Cell
White Blood Cell also called leukocytes, fight infection & harmful substances that invade the body.

Platelets, are also known as thrombocytes, are disk like structures that help stop bleeding

What blood does in a body?
The major job of a blood are to transport oxygen, nutrients to body tissue & to remove wastes. To accomplish those tasks, blood must flow to all part of the body. It does so by mean of our circulatory system, which consists of the heart, a vast network of blood vessels & the blood itself. It does a variety of jobs in the body such as:

    1. Carrying Oxygen & Carbon-di-oxide.

    2. Transporting nutrients & waste.

    3. Protecting against disease.

    4. Carrying hormones

    5. Distributing body heat

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