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How the body maintain its blood supply
We cannot live without a proper supply of healthy blood. In addition, the amounts of various blood components (part) must change constantly as the needs of our body change. Our body maintains Blood Dropits blood supply by:

1. Regulating the volume of blood components

2. Controlling bleeding

3. replacing worn out blood components

Blood Groups
 The membranes of red blood cells contain proteins called antigens.  More 
 than 300 red-cell antigens have been identified.  Based on the presence or  
 absence of particular antigens, scientists have classified human blood into
 various groups.  A, B & O

 The Rh Blood Types
 Rh blood types form the second major blood-group system.  People who have
 Rh antigens on their red blood cells are Rh positive.  The antigen itself is
 called the Rh factor.  People who lack the factor are Rh negative.  Most
 people are Rh positive. 

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