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Since long it was my dream to create awareness among the people about the noble cause of Blood Donation. I decided to use Internet as a tool to fulfill my dream and the completion of the first phase of this site has filled my heart with a sense of pride and satisfaction. I would like to use this occasion to express my gratitude to the people without whom its completion would not have been made possible.


First of all, I would like to thank Shri Om Birla. Is M.L.A. from Kota & Cabinet Secretary in Rajasthan Government. Despite of a Politician He is a good human & a regular blood donor. His wife Amita Birla (Gyn.) is also good blood donor. From a long time I have a plan to make a donor website but on Sept 6th, 2008 he calls me and say to make it & I promising to launch it on 1st October 2008. Thus by his inspiration its came in your hand in time.


Dr. Ved Prakash Gupta: He is M.D. Pathology and was blood bank I/C of Laboratory & Government blood bank a long time ago. He is father figure in Kota & front bearer of Torch of Voluntary Donation in India. In 2001 he started blood bank in Kota by a Society. In 2005 he started another blood bank in Kota. He is president ISBTI for the last 5 years & part of government regulatory & advisory bodies. He inspired me to see a dream of 100% Voluntary blood donation in Kota & always encouraged me to work in the field of blood donation.


Dr. Naresh.N.Rai: Associate professor in Pathology. He joined Government blood bank in 2003 as M.O. I/C. He had a receptive & flexible mind which soon imbibed the ergonomics of donors, motivation, organizations etc. He soon understood the problems in running a Government blood bank successfully & competitively. After 1 year of association, he motivated me to take ISBTI membership & work on a broader canvas in the field of blood donation. His treasured words for me: “You are a diamond, not to be put in a locker, but illuminate the life of several people.”


Dr. R. S. Malav: I got introduced to him & voluntary donations 1998 when I visited the Government Blood bank first time & he was the M.O. I/C. He told me “When you arrange blood for someone he is in a miserable position either rich or poor because blood is not like a glass of juice which he drinks with his choice. A recipient is always an ill human. So by arranging blood you always help a needy person.” His motivation mantra changed my life forever.


Finally, the unconditional support of my family was the source of inspiration to me. I would like to thank people who have registered with this site as blood donors and have made this site worthy for its cause. It is really heart warming to see so many people, from different walks of life, supporting our cause.  

Naveen Totlani

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