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 Our Journey It was the month of Sept. 1998. I went to Jaykalon, Mother & Child Hospital, Kota to Consult Dr. P.P. Gupta, Professor & Head of Pediatric for my friendís son. There I saw a board of Thalassaemia society & out of academic curiosity, I asked Dr. P.P. Gupta, what is it & how I could become a member of this society. He asked me to contact Mr. N.K. Pancholi, treasurer of Society and deposit membership fee. After 4 months on Dec 06 there was a General Body meeting in which I was invited. In this meeting I came to know that the main problem they are facing is the availability of blood. On Dec 12th I organized 1st Thalassaemia blood donation Camp near my home and got 29 units blood. Thus my journey of voluntary blood donation started. In the next 1 year I arranged 22 blood donation camps for Thalassaemic patients.  When we organized a blood donation camp on a particular place or in a particular group and if they have any blood requirement in future they contact me. In this way many a times there was a call for a particular blood group which was not available in blood bank. Then we started a new thing- a rare blood group donorís directory, in my pocket, my mind & then in my cell-phone. Meanwhile, the cityís blood consumption & requirement increased. In government Blood Bank only- since Dr. Naresh N. Rai joined- there has been double or more than double increase in Total Blood Collection (from 11689 to 19306), voluntary donation (1666/14% to 6693/35%) & number of Camps (40 to 125 per year). However I felt my data too insufficient day. I told Dr. Rai that we need to increase & organize our database. So my wife gave some sittings in blood bank for a few days and with the help of some students & staff, she compiled & short listed rare blood groups donorís name & phone numbers. Now a days she also helps needy persons by telling them names and phone numbers of rare blood group donorís from this list- so she is my extended software. Since a long time I was planning to make a website but due to lack of time and resources it was not possible but on 6th September 2008 at a function in Govt. Medical College, Kota Shri Om Birla Local MLA & cabinet Secretary in Rajasthan Govt. asked me to set a target. Thus I worked for 10 Ė 15 days with a target and this is the result you are watching.





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