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Today you know how quickly time flies. Whether you are a business man or a service man time cannot be spared by any one. In this way relation have been become meaningless. We are obsessed with ourselves.

When we have no time for ourselves today, then there are a few people who are thinking about others. Yes these are the people who wish to tie the strangers with the band of their blood.

You will be surprised to note with pleasure that Kota has a highest rank in voluntary blood donation in North India.

but to speed up this project the support of all sensitive persons like you is needed in following ways.

A. Forward this letter to your friend as well as your relative as much as you can.

B. Register yourself as blood donor on this site by clicking on the following link: http://www.kotablooddonor.com/donor_registration.php.

Object of website

1. No death in Kota due to lack of blood

2. To make people aware about voluntary blood donation & increase the membership.

3. To establish the chain of blood donors with the help of these members, from where any needy person can get blood..

But all theses will need efforts, a lot of time for which we expect a little support from you. your association with us will enrich our site.

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Thanking You

With regards

Naveen Totlani

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