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Naveen Totlani, founder of the site, is a FMCG Distributor by profession & Vice-president Thalassaemia Society & is in Social Life since last 9 years. He arranges the rare blood groups which are not available in any blood bank of Kota to needy


persons. He looks after the day to day administration of the site.


Neeta Totlani is the Co-Founder of the site. She is a house wife. She Married Totlani on 18 April 2006 & Donated blood 1st time in her marriage reception function. She is the life partner of Naveen Totlani in the true sense of the word. She regularly visits


Thalassaemia ward on Wednesday & Saturday for about 4 hours. She looks after the availability of blood to Thalassaemic children, their administrative problem & medical Problems as a social worker. Since 2 years when Naveen was busy or out of station she tells names & telephone numbers to needy persons of rare blood group donors. This site would not have been possible without her immense support and untiring efforts.

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